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Inside the HP-41
Unlock the secrets of your HP-41!

Autor: Jean-Daniel Dodin
Verlag: Synthetix (1985)
ISBN: 0-9612174-4-8
256 Seiten, English


Discover your calculator's internal workings. Synthetic programming, the status registers, the byte grabber, microcode – all are described here.

See how the byte grabber "steals" bytes to create synthetic instructions, an extension of the standard HP-41 program instruction set. Meet the status registers which hold fascinating secrets and danger for the unwary. Try several synthetic programs (bar code included). Learn about microcode, the language used by the machine's own microprocessor. Take a walk through the intricate built-in programming that makes the HP-41 work.

Your HP-41 has many hidden secrets. Isn't it time you started discovering them?

Über diesen Autor

Jean-Daniel Dodin is French. He teaches drafting and engineering calculation at a high school in Toulouse.

He was introduced to Reverse Polish Notation in 1975, with the non-programmable HP-21 calculator. In 1979, when the HP-41C first became available, it was natural for him to order one. Buying a HP-15C when it became available was also somewhat inevitable. He learned about the PPC in early 1981 through Bill Wickes' book "Synthetic Programming on the HP-41C", and in September of the same year, founded a PPC chapter in Toulouse. This chapter, with 400 members, was at the time the largest French speaking chapter. The author is also the editor of the French chapter newsletter, PPC-T.

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