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Extend Your HP-41
Understand how the HP-41 works and learn to expand its abilities

Autor: W.A.C. Mier-Jędrzejowicz
Verlag: Synthetix (1985)
ISBN: 0-9510733-0-3
682 Seiten, English



"Extend Your HP-41" is a complete guide to enhancing the performance of your HP-41 system through more efficient keyboard and programming techniques. Designed to supplement rather than replace HP's manuals, this book leads you from the basics of keyboard operation and normal programming, to advanced techniques like synthetic programming. Along the way, a variety of clever tips and trice are discussed, many of which will be new even to experts.

Containing over 650 pages of information, this is the ultimate reference book for your HP-41 system. Concise and clearly written, it will provide you with many hours of fascinating reading. A few of the many topics covered are hyperbolic functions, efficient use of flags and looping instructions, integration to infinite limits, and random number generation. Also covered are extra hints on using the Time module, Extended Functions, and Extended Memory effectively. The full range of HP peripherals and modules is described, including the exciting new Advantage module. Finally, the last 200 pages provide a sampling of what Synthetic Programming has to offer and how it works. Experts will marvel at the first key assignment program that uses only normal HP-41 functions!

Two appendices list books and third party products of the HP-41. Another appendix lists the "bugs". This will help you avoid losing your valuable programs or Extended Memory files. Barcode is provided for the programs.

"Extend Your HP-41" is by far the largest and most complete collection of useful facts on the HP-41 system. Beginner or expert, no HP-41 owner should be without it.

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