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HP-41 MCODE for Beginners

Autor: Ken Emery
Verlag: Synthetix (1985)
ISBN: 0-9612174-7-2
193 Seiten, English


MCODE is the internal machine code used by the HP-41, one level below the set of "user code" instructions that users and programmers are accustomed to dealing with. Some user code instructions like CLX are implemented by the HP-41 in just a few MCODE instructions; other user code instructions like TAN may need hundreds of MCODE operations.

Programs in MOCDE are FAST. They run 7 to 120 times faster than user code programs. But the advantage that enthusiasts will appreciate the most is that MCODE gives you total control of the machine. You can make the HP-41 do whatever you want it to do, completely redefining its "personality" and customizing it for your particular applications. MCODE programming requires additional hardware, generally an external box called an MLDL (Machine Language Development Lab). But once you enter the world of MCODE there is nothing you can't do.

This book is your ticket to the world of MCODE.

Simple programming examples lead you step-by-step to an understanding of the principles and practice of MCODE programming. Later examples show you how to use parts of the built-in operating system as subroutines to do input, output, and other useful functions. Even before you finish the examples, you will be able to write your own simple MCODE programs.

For advanced MCODE programmers, there are several features of interest. Complete details of the display instructions are given. This includes the new display that accesses additional LCD characters, and that allows alteration of the contrast. Also explained for the first time is partial key sequencing, which allows you to create functions that prompt for inputs in the same user-friendly way as the built-in functions like STO and LBL.

Two utility programs are included to help in your programming. A debugging program allows you to interrupt an MCODE routine at any point, dumping the contents of the CPU registers for viewing. Also included are base conversion programs to help use HP's annotated operating system listings.

Move into the FAST lane. Get started programming in MCODE today!

Über diesen Autor

Ken Emery is a Chemical Engineer who graduated from Cal Poly Pomona in March 1985. His first calculator was an HP-41CV purchased in August of 1981 (talk about starting at the top!). He has been addicted to HP calculators ever since. First, he worked on becoming familiar with the HP-41 operating system through the use of Synthetic programming. With the advent of MCODE, and the possibility of newer, faster programs, he had to enter this field to satisfy his craving for more speed out of the little box called a 41.

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