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HP-41 Synthetic Programming Made Easy

Autor: Keith Jarett
Verlag: Synthetix (1982)
ISBN: 0-9612174-0-5
192 Seiten, English


"Soup up" your HP-41 – It's easy and fun!

Synthetic programming encompasses the creation and use of synthetic instructions – those instructions that cannot be keyed up by normal means. Applications of synthetic instructions included expanded key assigment capability (assign SF 14 or GTO IND X to a key), 21 additional display characters, and renumbering of data registers under program control.

If you have heard about synthetic programming and want to know more, or if you have found other sources of information on synthetic programming confusing or difficult to read, try this book. HP-41 Synthetic Programming Made Easy uses all the latest synthetic programs and techniques, and gives many cross-references to other sources, all of which will be much more readable after you have been through this book. Barcode for all programs is included for those readers who have access to an optical wand. Also included is the handy plastic Quick Reference Card for Synthetic Programming, a $3.00 value.

If you like your HP-41, you'll like HP-41 Synthetic Programming Made Easy. Thousands of HP-41 owners have learned synthetic programming. Shouldn't you?

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