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An Easy Course in Programming the HP-41

Autor: Ted Wadman, Chris Coffin
Verlag: Grapevine Publications (1983)
ISBN: 0-931011-09-4
255 Seiten, English


This incredibly friendly book will help you discover and understand the power and sophistication within your HP-41 calculator. Its refreshing, conversational style and unique, readable format take the intimidation out of learning to program your calculator. The authors, both former Hewlett-Packard support engineers, realize that a relaxed, jargon-free approach is the best possible way to present a technical subject. And if a dash of humor along with some clever cartoon illustrations are added, then learning to program your HP-41 becomes both EASY and ENJOYABLE!

Packed with examples, review questions, explanations and fun quizzes, this self-paced book lets you work along at your own rate, learning all the ins and outs of programming. "An Easy Course in Programming the HP-41" is the easiest and fastest way to master your calculator. Come along on this Easy Course, and you'll soon find yourself using your calculator like an expert!

This book applies to the HP-41C, the HP-41CV, and the ultimate: the HP-41CX.

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