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Tips and Programs for the HP-32S
A Handbook for Science and Engineering

Autor: W.A.C. Mier-Jędrzejowicz
Verlag: Synthetix (1988)
ISBN: 0-937637-05-X
79 Seiten, English


A collection of tips and tricks for users of the HP-32S RPN Scientific calculator, with a set of example programs for science and engineering students. Includes a table of commonly used constants.


The HP-32S is a remarkable new calculator – and this book will help you make the most of it! There are four chapters leading you step by step from quick tips and routines to detailed programs to solve scientific and engineering problems. Professionals and students alike will appreciate the explanations of programming techniques and the programs themselves.

Chapter 1 presents a series of tips on efficient use of the HP-32S, both from the keyboard and in short program sequences. The detailed comparison of the HP-32S to other calculators makes this book worth buying as an investment guide to selecting the best calculator for your needs.

Chapter 2 has short programs to solve typical problems from science and engineering plus explanations of the programming techniques used. Chapter 3 presents longer programs and more advanced techniques. The powerful SOLVE/INTEGRATE function of the HP-32S is discussed to allow you to make full use of this extraordinary feature. Chapter 4 lists sources for further information

An added value is the table of commonly used engineering constants and conversion factors.

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