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The HP 48 Programmer's Toolkit

Autor: James Donnelly
Verlag: Armstrong Publishing Company (1990)


Available online here


The HP48 Programmer’s ToolKit is a collection of software tools designed with the programmer in mind. These tools improve program performance by combining some common, slow operations into faster internal system languages and provide additional capability in object manipulation not directly available in the HP 48.

  • The Character Set Catalog is an interactive catalog that displays the HP 48 character set in allthree available fonts and shows the |/O translation forms.
  • The Menu Label Builder is an interactive program for building graphics objects for use in custom menus.
  • The Flag Catalog is an interactive program that shows the states and descriptions of system and user flags.
  • The Data Browser and Title Browser are two powerful screen-oriented user interface utilities that may be used to enhance an application.
  • The Tool Library provides 74 new commands for arrays, graphics, list utilities, meta-objects, sorting, sets, stack utilities, string utilities, and more. These commands are fast and powerful. For instance, the command MREVERSE will reverse the order of 1000 objects on the stack in less than a second, and ROTATE will rotate character strings,lists, or graphics objects.

The 124 page manual provides complete descriptions of all the new catalogs, programs, and commands with examples. Additional chapters provide referencetables for object types, the character set, and flags.

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