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HP-41 Advanced Programming Tips

Autor: Alan McCornack, Keith Jarett
Verlag: Synthetix (1987)
ISBN: 0-9612174-6-4
347 Seiten, English



This book introduces you to the tools available for advanced programming and gives you a detailed tutorial on programming technique. Next are some important Synthetic Programming techniques, several of which are not described in other books. These include TEXT 0 prefix key assignments, Catalog 1 crash recovery techniques, and making programs PRIVATE without a magnetic card reader or HP-IL.

Users of the ZENROM or CCD utility modules will especially enjoy the application programs for these powerful modules. In addition to being useful programs in themselves, these examples also illustrate how to harness some of the most powerful programming features of both the ZENROM and the CCD Module. The book includes an overview of HP-41 Machine code (M-code), so you can get an idea of whether this exciting area is for you.

Those of you who have read Keith Jarett's earlier books "HP-41 Synthetic Programming Made Easy" and "HP-41 Extended Functions Made Easy" will find a special treat in the appendix: Complete line-by-line analysis of all the synthetic programs from both books! Now you can see how Clifford Stern and the other synthetic programming masters do it.

If you like to push your HP-41 to the limit, or perhaps a little beyond, this is the book for you.

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