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HP-28 Insights
Principles and Programming of the Hewlett Packard HP-28C/S

Autor: William C. Wickes
Verlag: Larken Publications (1988)
350 Seiten, English


The HP-28 is a revolutionary calculator. With its symbolic operations, multiple object types, and powerful, flexible programming language, the HP-28 offers the most advanced computational capabilities ever available in a handheld calculator.

In HP-28 Insights, Dr. William Wickes offers his own special insights into the operation and application of the HP-28C and HP-28S. He presents in-depth discussions of a wide spectrum of topics, starting with the most fundamental principles of calculator operation. Most of the book is devoted to problem solving methodology, including the operation of the HP Solver, user-defined functions, symbolic mathematics, and general programming. All important ideas are illustrated with specific examples. Included are over 100 practical example programs, that demonstrate programming concepts such as local variables, program structures, recursion, and advanced plotting techniques. As the author of the well-known Synthetic Programming on the HP-41C, Dr. Wickes gives special attention to the comparison of HP-41 concepts and their HP-28 counterparts.

Chapter Headings:

  1. Introduction
  2. Understanding RPN
  3. Objects and Execution
  4. The HP-28 Stack
  5. Variables
  6. Problem Solving
  7. The Solver
  8. User-Defined Functions
  9. Symbolic Math
  10. Programming
  11. Program Development
  12. Arrays and Lists
  13. Plotting

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