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Control the World with HP-IL
A New World Of Uses for Hewlett-Packard Handheld Computers

Autor: Gary Friedman
Verlag: Synthetix (1987)
ISBN: 0-9612174-9-9
326 Seiten, English


Want to try something different than the usual programming applications with your HP-41 or HP-71? "Control the World with HP-IL" will show you how to use HP-IL to build and control such diverse items as an intelligent telephone autodialer/answering machine (complete with a speech synthesizer!), an automated photographic dark­room controller, an ultrasonic distance measurement unit, a slide projector dissolve controller for two projectors, and more. Imagine being able to accomplish all this with your battery powered, portable calculator/computer!

All the applications are explained in clear, crisp terms, with an easy-to-read informal style. Photos, illustrations, and circuit diagrams are used throughout the book to make all project instructions easy to follow. The general purpose building blocks and the concepts behind them are so clever and creative that you'll find dozens of your own uses for them.

Complete program listings and barcode included for all necessary programs.

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