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The HP-41 Programmable Solutions for Structural Engineering System Analysis

Autor: Jose A. Mañón
Verlag: Infinity Publishing (2006)
ISBN: 0-7414-3335-4
76 Seiten, English


"Have Gun, Will Travel" was Richard Boone’s 1960's TV Series and; if I may borrow the idea, "Have Book, Will Do" is suggestive of this publication. There are many fine textbooks written on the subjects treated here, I learned from them, but the hard work, sometimes tedious, was left to us. This book covers the theory associated with the logic to each program and for the hard work... the task of keying in its program listing.

All programs were initially written for my own use and they represent a process of evolution. Solving more than a 3 or 4 span continuous beam easily... that was something!... Once I gave a copy to a colleague and later I heard from him... they had checked it against a problem from a textbook and found an error in the book’s solution!!

But then, what about members with variable section?, a portal or a gable frame? As I knew then, PC programs did not deal with variable sections very well... here it is a cinch! Rings, Beam on Elastic Foundations, Circular and Rectangular Columns all tough structural problems... but... this book wouldn't have it any different than its motto: "Give me No Problems, Give Me Solutions"

Über diesen Autor

Graduated in 1959 from Santo Domingo University, Dominican Rep., Western Hemisphere's oldest, as a Civil Engineer, a 5 year curriculum and came to the States in 1960. Worked as a Structural Engineer until retirement in various degrees of responsibility with Structural Consultants, A&E, and E&C firms in a great variety of Onshore/Offshore projects. Obtained PE licenses in South Carolina, New Jersey, Texas, Ohio and Puerto Rico. Enjoyed programming and it would have been a choice had existed when it counted. Calls Houston, TX home after "globetrotting" many regions of this U.S.A.

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