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An Easy Course in Using the HP-28S

Autor: John W. Loux, Chris Coffin
Verlag: Grapevine Publications (1988)
ISBN: 0-931011-18-3
315 Seiten, English


If you're looking for a clear, straightforward explanation of the powerful HP-28S, then this is your book! Authors Loux and Coffin sort through the myriad features of this machine, giving you the pictures and the practice you need to make the HP-28S your favorite calculating tool.

The first several chapters bring you up to speed on the mechanics of operation – what keys you need to press to control and command the display, the stack, and the menus. You'll get lots of practice problems and explanations designed to get your fingers trained for action.

The you go straight to the heart of the machine, exploring all the different information "objects" and how you can manipulate them, combine them, name them and (best of all) think about them. You'll see how HP's well-known stack-oriented (postfix) arithmetic becomes the engine behind all this math power, and soon you'll be harnessing it for yourself!

Then in separate discussions, this Easy Course touches upon specialized topics, such as symbolic algebra, calculus, plotting, and programming.

It's all in Grapevine's familiar Easy Course format – a book full of examples, review questions, and quizzes designed to let you work at your own speed (and your own speed will soon amaze you)! It's a very pleasant surprise to find that learning about a calculator can be this satisfying – when the right explanations transforms a mysterious machine into a friendly and powerful tool.

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