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An Easy Course in Using the HP-17B

Autor: Chris Coffin, John W. Loux
Verlag: Grapevine Publications (1988)
ISBN: 0-931011-20-5
251 Seiten, English


If you're looking for a clear, straightforward explanation of your HP-17B, then this is your book! Written in the friendly style that has become the trademark of Grapevine Publications, this book presents the workings of your calculator to you in a uniquely understandable fashion.

The Easy Course is presented as your own personal "Driver's Training Course", showing you how to work with menus, lists, arithmetic, and how to develop a personal list of equations – with lots of "road training".

And of course, there will be an extended tour of the build-in financial equations, learning the "How's and Why's" of loans, mortgages, and investments and how the Time of Money (TVM) keys make sense out of them all. You'll also learn about NPV, NFV, IRR and MIRR, and you'll work problems in savings, real estate, and banking.

All this, with the usual clear diagrams and explicit examples, make this book a collector's item – one of the most painless self-study courses you'll ever take! It's always a pleasant surprise when the right explanation transforms a mysterious machine into a friendly and powerful tool.

This truly is "An Easy Course In Using the HP-17B!"

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