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An Easy Course in Using the HP-16C

Autor: Edward M. Keefe
Verlag: Grapevine Publications
ISBN: 0-931011-16-7
253 Seiten, English


For all you computer science students and professionals, here it is – the easiest and most painless way to get up to speed on your HP-16C "Computer Scientist" calculator!
An experienced CS instructor and author, Ed Keefe leads you through a lively Easy Course on the talents and tricks of this multilingual little machine. Whether you want to work in decimal, octal, binary or hexadecimal, with 4 bits or 64, here's the class you can give to yourself – before you face your programs and their problems.
The book is filled with examples, review questions, explanations and quizzes, all designed to let you work at your own speed (and with this course, your own speed will soon amaze you)! It's always a pleasant surprise that learning both the subject and the calculator can be this much fun – but it can be, when the right explanation transforms mysterious machine into a simple and friendly tool.

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