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Customize Your HP-28

Autor: W.A.C. Mier-Jędrzejowicz
Verlag: Synthetix (1988)
ISBN: 0-951073-31-1


Available online here.



Customize Your HP-28 was written for users of all HP-28 calculators, including the HP-28S. This book begins by showing you tips and tricks to help you use your HP-28 more effectively. This material is invaluable to serious HP-28 users. But these tips and tricks are just the beginning ...

Customize Your HP-28 continues, with an explanation of the obscure but powerful command SYSEVAL. This command is the trap door through which you will gain full control of your HP-28. Through SYSEVAL you can execute any section of the HP-28's internal programs, providing a range of new capabilities to the HP-28.

The next section of Customize Your HP-28 gives you a taste of the ultimate form of control over your HP-28 – machine language programming. It's fun to know about, even if you decide not to do your own machine language programming. You can still use and admire the machine language programs available in this book and through users' groups.

A full chapter is dedicated to describing the HP-28's internal hardware layout, and explaining how you can (carefully) add more memory. Appendices cover users' groups, bugs, program and data structures, and detailed information for machine language programming.

Wether you are a beginner or already an expert, Customize Your HP-28 will help you get the most out of your HP-28!

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