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The Complete Collector's Guide to Pocket Calculators

Autor: Guy Ball, Bruce Flamm
Verlag: Wilson/Barnett Publishing (1997)
ISBN: 1-888840-14-5


See The Complete Collector's Guide to Pocket Calculators


Co-authors Bruce Flamm and Guy Ball are leading authorities on early, electronic calculators. They have a combined experience of some 25 years of calculator collecting. Both have extensively researched the birth and the explosive growth of electronic calculators during the late 1960's and early 1970's. They've interviewed and written about some of the top engineers and merchandisers of the day. In 1992, Ball and Flamm organized the International Association of Calculator Collectors, the world's largest group of its kind. Together they co-edit the organization's journal, the International Calculator Collector. They've authored articles for publications including Antique Trader and Today's Collector and are calculator resources for many of the general collectible books on the market.

In this book, you'll find information on the "Golden Age" of Calculators including

  • A master listing of over 1,500 different models from over 220 companies.
  • The earliest (and most valuable) pocket and portable calculators.
  • Exclusive details about rare calculators from Russia, East Europe, and South America.
  • Concise historical summary of 1960's and 1970's calculator developments.
  • How to find desirable calculators at the best prices.
  • Comprehensive pricing guide for all models listed.

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