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Programming the TI-59 & the HP-41 Calculators

Autor: Paul Garrison
Verlag: Tab Books (1982)
ISBN: 0-8306-2442-2
294 Seiten, English


If you need on-the-spot computer calculations where full-size computers just aren't practical ... if you own or are planning to acquire one of the new programmable calculators and want to be able to take fullest advantage of its problem-solving capabilities, then here's a book you won't want to miss! It's your key to learning exactly what programmable calculators are, how they differ from standard calculators, what kind of jobs you can expect them to accomplish, and how to operate them – with actual program examples and step-by-step programming instructions.

Using the Texas Instruments TI-59 and the Hewlett-Packard HP-41C models to illustrate the range and functions of new-generation programmable calculators, the author gives you clear, easy-to-follow explanations that are so simple you won't need any prior programming experience to understand each step. Plus, you'll find the book loaded with tips and techniques that just can't be found in standard manufacturars' manuals.

Beginning with a definition of what a program is, you'll learn how to partition the calculator memory for different program steps, and discover that program writing is a snap when you break it down into the functions that need to be performed. You'll cover user-defined labels, how to get a program started, how to use your machine as a standard calculator without disturbing or erasing the program, how to avoid damaging or destroying information on magnetic cards, and find valuable hints on record keeping and editing. More than half of the book is jam-packed with practical programming applications that let you put your programmable calculator to work solving some amazingly complex problems: from speed-time-distance calculations, unit conversions, and rates of exchange to material calculations and games.

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