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Hewlett Packard Press
HP48 Programming Examples

Autor: D. R. Mackenroth
Verlag: Addison-Wesley (1991)
ISBN: 0-201-56325-8
392 Seiten, English


Anyone who owns Hewlett-Packard HP 48 calculator will find this book invaluable. No other book on the HP 48 has as many real world examples or such thorough step-by-step explanations of HP 48 programs.

Whether you are an engineer, student, business person, mathematician, or scientist, you will appreciate the wide variety of usage programs. Programs are drawn form the diverse areas of business, statistics, calculus, and graphics. Each program begins with simple problem statements and is followed by a sample run to show exactly how it works.

This highly accessible book does not assume any programming expertise. Each of the more than 150 usage example programs is accompanied by detailed explanations so anyone with an HP 48 can easily understand them. HP 48 Programming Examples features:

  • Structured examples that can be used for real work immediately.
  • Lots of fun programs for games, sound effects, piano, notepads, graphics; and step-by-step procedures for entering, running, and saving the programs.
  • Complete program listings and detailed discussions that allow experienced programmers to easily modify programs.

Über diesen Autor

D. R. Mackenroth is an experienced programmer and the author of several successful programming and electronics books. He is a former Hewlett-Packard Learning Products Engineer and wrote a variety of owner's and service manuals for HP calculators.

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