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The HP 48 Handbook

Autor: James Donnelly
Verlag: Armstrong Publishing Company (1990)
ISBN: 1-879828-04-9


Book review by Erich Rechlin

Available online here.


Do you want to know more about your HP 48? The HP 48 Handbook is the ultimate reference for people who want to get the most from the HP 48 calculator. The HP 48 Handbook discusses fundamental concepts, programming techniques, user interface tools, graphics, data transfer, and memory management. Additional reference tables cover the equation library, constants, keys, menus, units, and much more.

Over 100 example programs are included to demonstrate various programming and graphics techniques. These programs are designed to show the HP 48 at its best – illustrating everything from financial calculations to fractals to polynomial curve-fitting.

The Command Reference lists complete stack diagrams, keystroke access, characteristics, and related flags for every command.

Do you want to use the internal operating system that HP doesn't tell you about? Place graphics in the stack display? Perhaps work with extended precision real numbers? Maintain total control over the keyboard? The System Programming chapter introduces the magical world of internal unnamed objects accessible with SYSEVAL.

Join the thousands of satisfied programmers who depend on The HP 48 Handbook to get the most from their calculator!

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