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How to Program Your Programmable Calculator

Autor: Stephen L. Snover, Mark A. Spikell
Verlag: Prentice Hall (1979)
ISBN: 0-13-429357-6
271 Seiten, English


If you own or use a programmable calculator, the manufacturer's manual simply shows you how to operate it – HOW TO PROGRAM YOUR PROGRAMMABLE CALCULATOR shows you how to use it as a practical problem solver.

Specifically designed for use with Texas Instruments TI 57, Radio Shack EC-4000, and Hewlett-Packard HP 33E machines, the techniques presented can be easily adapted to these other calculators: Texas Instruments SR 56 and SR 52, Texas Instruments TI 58 and TI 59, Hewlett-Packard HP 25 and HP 25C, Hewlett-Packard HP 29C and HP 19C, Hewlett-Packard HP 67 and HP 97, and Sharp PC 1201.

Over 160 examples and exercises with solutions show you how to program your calculator to solve problems in finance, business, science, mathematics, and taxes, even how to compute gambling probabilities! So wether you're a student converting kilometers into miles, an investor computing interest, or a businessman calculating shipping space or profit margins, this complete step-by-step guide can help you tap the potential of your programmable calculator as a decision making tool.

Über diesen Autor

Dr. Stephen L. Snover is currently an Assistant Professor at the University of Hartford and was formerly on the faculty at Babson College and a writer for the Boston University Mathematics Project.

Dr. Mark A. Spikell is an Associate Professor at Lesley College and an Adjunct Professor at Boston University. He has co-authored two other books, Problem Solving in the Mathematics Laboratory and Multibase Activities.

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