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HP41C Formation Evaluation Programs

Autor: James K. Hallenburg
Verlag: PennWell Publishing (1984)
ISBN: 0-87814-253-3
105 Seiten, English


A set of programs for petroleum engineers, geologists, and log analysts.


The programmable calculator has simplified the art of log analysis and formation by performing routine calculations where mistake are often made. in HP41C Formation Evaluation Programs, James K. Hallenburg presents a set of programs for petroleum engineers, geologists, and log analysts.
These programs are short and simple, and they provide flexibility in the field, laboratory, or office. The book is divided into four sections - preliminary methods, analysis methods, diagnostic methods, and general programs - and each program comes complete with equations and sample solutions.
Hallenburg includes programs for correcting solution resistivities for temperature differences, calculating deep resistivity readings, determining shale or clay content from the gamma ray curve, pinpointing the presence of possible hydrocarbons from the deep resistivity curve, and obtaining the probable density from the porosity. Other programs calculate porosity from resistivity values or from the acoustic interval travel time, determine the vertical thickness of a bed and the horizontal displacement of a deviated hole, analyze the true thickness of a dipping bed, and estimate the amount of producible oil and gas.
These programs are ideal for petroleum log analysis and are valuable for mineral and engineering applications.

Über diesen Autor

James K. Hallenburg is a consulting geophysicist based in Tulsa, Oklahoma. He received a bachelor of arts degree in physics from Northwestern University. Hallenburg spent 18 years in the research and engineering departments of Schlumberger, serving as project engineer for various operations. He also has been employed by the Western Company of North America, Data Line Logging Company, Teton Exploration, United Nuclear, and Century Geophysical.
Hallenburg is a member of the Society of Professional Well Log Analysts, the Society of Exploration Geophysicists, the Society of Mining Engineers, the Society of Petroleum Engineers, the American Institute of Professional Geologists, the American Association for the Advancement of Science, the Wyoming Geological Association, and the Northwestern Mining Association. He also is listed in Who's Who in the South and Southwest, and he is a certified geological scientist and a licensed geophysicist.
Hallenburg's first book, also published by PennWell, is Geophysical Logging for Mineral and Engineering Applications (1984).

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