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HP-28S Software Power Tools: Electric Circuits

Autor: Unbekannt
Verlag: Grapevine Publications (1989)
ISBN: 0-931011-25-6
247 Seiten, English


Engineers and soon-to-be-engineers! Here are the software tools you've been waiting for! Now you can use your HP-28S, with its complex-matrix-crunching power, to analyze your steady-state AC circuits.

You can do either mesh or nodal analysis, construct general networks and ladders, and use a host of small utility routines to do side calculations as you wish. You'll build clear, friendly, easy-to-edit descriptions of your circuits, which may have any of the following elements in series or in parallel: Resistors, capacitors, inductors, independent voltage sources, independent current sources. Then you can vary the frequency of your sources and plot results, either on the display of the infrared printer. And you can name and store your circuits for later use, too!

No matter how little experience you have with the HP-28S, you'll never be "snowed under" while trying to get this program up and running. Every routine is explained, every piece of the program is documented, and a little diagram of the HP-28S' memory is always handy, ready to show you "where" you are and what you're doing. The best news yet is this: There is an appendix of additional routines and pointers to allow you customize the core program to your own preferences. This book teaches you about the machine as it guides you through this easy and powerful software!

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