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HP-28S Software Power Tools: Utilities

Autor: Unbekannt
Verlag: Grapevine Publications (1989)
ISBN: 0-931011-27-2


Here's a must-have collection of HP-28S tools – program routines to make your own programming go more quickly and smoothly!

You get ten different sets of "canned" solutions, ready for "off the shelf" use: Utilities for the stack, real numbers, complex numbers, vectors, arrays, strings, lists, directories, output and program development.

Each routine is documented, and there's a discussion at the end of each set, to give you some examples of how to use those utilities. You'll find this book to be a great collection of advice, good habits and sound programming principles. Whether you're just starting to program or are experienced already, these all-purpose tools belong in your HP-28S and under your fingers – don't miss them!

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