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HP 41/HP 48 Transitions

Autor: William C. Wickes
Verlag: Larken Publications (1990)
ISBN: 0-9625258-2-0
150 Seiten, English


The HP 48SX Scientific Expandable Calculator is the heir-apparent of the HP 41, which dominated the field of programmable calculators for ten years. The new calculator combines the flexibility and customizability of the HP 41 with the revolutionary computational capabilities of the HP 28S, making and extraordinarily powerful personal tool.

The HP 48SX is fundamentally an RPN calculator, which provides a familiar basis from which you as an HP 41 user can learn the features of the HP 48SX. However, there are many differences in style and methodology between the two calculators, which together with the enormous range of HP 48SX facilities may present a barrier as you attempt to master the HP 48SX. In HP 41/HP 48 Transitions, Dr. William Wickes describes the logical evolution from the HP 41 to the HP 48SX, showing how many of the HP 48SX's actions are natural extensions and enhancements of familiar HP 41 operations. The book shows how your HP 41 procedures and methods can be adapted to the HP 48SX, including stack manipulations, storing and retrieving data, programming, and program conversions.

Dr. Wickes is the author of HP-28 Insights, the definitive book on HP 28 principles and methodology. HP 41/HP48 Transitions is based on the HP 41 material in that book, and is the precursor to HP 48 Insights, a more complete treatise on the principles and applications of the HP 48. Dr. Wickes also wrote Synthetic Programming on the HP-41C, which has been a standard HP 41 advanced programming since 1981.

Chapter Headings:

  1. Introduction (1)
  2. The HP-28 Stack (13)
  3. Variables (37)
  4. HP 48 Programming Principles (49)
  5. Program Development (91)
  6. Program Conversion (111)

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