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Using Your HP-41 Advantage
Electrical Circuits For Students

Autor: Chris Coffin, Ted Wadman
Verlag: Grapevine Publications (1985)
ISBN: 0-931011-03-5
74 Seiten, English


Here is THE program (designed by engineering graduates who wish THEY had had this when they were in school!) to help the engineering student sail his/her electrical fundamentals courses.

This program (and your HP-41CV or CX, with the HP-41 Advantage Module) is all you may ever need to calculate voltages, currents and powers in typical AC circuits!

The program allows for sinusoidal current or voltage sources (V or I), variable frequency (f or w), and passive impedance elements of resistance (R), inductance (L), and capacitance (C).

With a plain HP-41CV, you can "crunch" a circuit with up to 4 nodes; with maximum Extended Memory added, you can tackle up to 12 nodes.

PLUS, you can model mutual inductance, solve for input impedances and Thevenin's and Norton's equivalents, perform parallel-series conversions, Y-Delta conversions, and much more!

ALL THIS, with program listings, bar code, and quick-and-easy instructions for getting started.

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