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The EduCALC Technical Series
Nonparametric Statistics on the HP-41
Quick and easy

Autor: Donald L. Vargo
Verlag: EduCALC Publications (1984)
ISBN: 0-936356-03-0
182 Seiten, English


Attention behavioral, biological and physical scientists: if you're using these popular new methods with a stat pac on a big computer, you're in for a pleasant surprise! On your HP-41 these same tests become straight-forward and forgiving, and errors are easy to correct.
13 tests in all, for One Sample and Matched Observations, Two Samples' Location and Dispersion, Analysis of Variance, Goodness of Fit, and Independence. These programs have a common treatment here, with complete discussions and examples. The manuals begins with an introduction to nonparametric methods and a brief review of elementary statistics. Requires an HP-41CV or HP-41C with quad memory module, and a familiarity with inferential statistics.

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