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HP-71 BASIC Made Easy

Autor: Joseph K. Horn
Verlag: Synthetix (1980)
ISBN: 0-9612174-3-X
159 Seiten, English



The HP-71 sets new standards for handheld performance. HP-71 BASIC Made Easy supplements your Owner’s Manual in several important areas to help you realize your HP-71’s full potential, from quick keyboard calculations to BASIC to machine language.

Learn how to calculate efficiently and confidently using CALC mode and the command stack. You may find that you like the HP-71’s CALC mode even more than the RPN logic used on the HP-41 and other HP calculators.

General tips on keyboard BASIC are followed by details on how and where to use PEEK and POKE. Several BASIC application programs provide instruction in programming technique besides being useful in themselves.

One application program lets you key in machine language programs from numeric listings. The examples show you just how powerful these machine language programs can be. Carve out a continuous clock display at the right side of the display window; reverse a 14,000 character string in 1 second!

A 20-page alphabetical syntax guide lists hundreds of HP-71 keywords. HP-71 BASIC Made Easy is an excellent tutorial and an essential reference. Find out how much fun your HP-71 can be!

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