Using the Standard Module

Programs stored on this Module are similar to those that appear in your HP-41C Application Handbook. To run a Module program, simply call it by name using the following table as a guide. The minimum SIZE given in the table is the smallest value that will allow the program to run. If you wish to preserve data in registers beyond those that a program needs for its own use, there is no need to SIZE  to a smaller value. Suggested display modes are given, but they are not mandatory.

Program Name To Run, Press Minimum SIZE Display Mode
RPN Primer [XEQ] CLSTK 001 FIX 0 CF 29
Calendar Functions [XEQ] CLNDR 010 FIX 4
Word Guessing Game [XEQ] WORDS 019 FIX 0 CF 29
Arithmetic Teacher [XEQ] TEACH 010 FIX 0 CF 29
Hexadecimal-Decimal Converter [XEQ] HEX 021 FIX 0
Financial Functions [XEQ] FIN 010 FIX 2
Root Finder [XEQ] ROOT 008 FIX 4
Curve Fitting [XEQ] LIN
016 FIX 2
Vector Operations [XEQ] CADD
000 FIX 2
Blackjack [XEQ] SH 027 FIX 0 CF 29

Use Of Labels

You should be aware of possible problems when writing programs into calculator memory using Alpha labels identical with those in an Application Module. In order to avoid conflicts take care to choose labels that are not identical with those in Application Modules.

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