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The Architecture, Engineering, and Construction ROM Module for the HP-41, by Redshift Software, Parker, Colorado 80314.

From the manual:
The three most broad-reaching features of the AECROM are the units of length modes, the self-programming feature, and the curve fitter. The units of length modes make it easier than ever to work with different sets of units of length (fee, inches, and sixteenths; metrics; decimal inches; and decimal feet). The self-programming feature almost magically turns your algebraic formulas into HP-41 programs (you don't even enter PRGM mode). And the curve fitter helps you fit your experimental (X,Y) data pairs to any of sixteen curves.


Available on HP-41 Archive Web Site (requires registration).

ROM Images

Available on HP-41 Archive Web Site (requires registration).



Front page of the AECROM manual


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