HP 48 Graphics

Autor: R. Ray Depew
297 Seiten
ISBN: 0-931011-33-7
Grapevine Publications, 1991

Kurzbeschreibung auf dem Buchrücken:
Here’s a fascinating look at the potential of that big display on your HP 48. HP engineer Ray Depew shows you how to build graphics objects („grobs“) and use them to customize displays with diagrams, pictures, labels, titles, multiple plots, games, and menu icons.

The book begins with a good in-depth review of the EquationWriter, the SOLVE and the PLOT applications. Next, it guides you through the locations and uses of the 48’s built-in graphics commands. Then you learn to build your own grobs and combine them into some extensive application programs. There’s even a chapter that discusses transferring your HP 48 Graphics to other computers or printers.

So don’t miss this insightful – and fun – excursion into the world of HP 48 Graphics. It adds a whole new dimension to your use of this powerful machine.


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